Police Clearence Certificate Passport


PCC stands for Police Clearance Certificate. This is a certificate issued to Indian Passport Holders. It is necessary for those who have either applied for employment, residential status, or long-term immigration visa. This certificate does not apply to those individuals who hold a tourist visa for going abroad. It is issued either by an Indian Government official who has been authorised or an individual from Indian Police. ThePolice clearancecertificate's primary purpose is to ensure that the criminal records of a person applying for this certificate is clear. PCC is only issued to individuals over 18 years of age. The PCC could be used at Passport Seva Kendra's online portal. An application is filed at this portal, usually followed by payment of the fees, scheduling an appointment, and submitting the documents in the nearest Passport Seva Kendra.

  • Indian nationals who reside outside India
  • Indian citizens who live in India
  • Foreign nationals who reside in India

If you want to apply for a police clearance certificate, you can contact us for your application process and enquiries. Rocket passport makes this worrisome and challenging process simple and aims at resolving all your apprehensions with utmost ease.

  • Original passport
  • Self-attested photostat of first two pages of the passport
  • Self-attested photostats of the last two pages of the passport
  • Self-attested photostat of ECR/Non-ECR page
  • Self-attested photostat of the page of observation, if any.


There is no fixed validity for PCC. PCC is not a passport service. It is a requirement of foreign governments. This is a requirement for various grants related to work, residence, permit, a family visa. However, the general validity for PCC is six months.

No, there is no minimum age requirement for obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate. Even a minor can get a Police Clearance Certificate if a foreign government asks it.

If you apply for a Police Clearance Certificate, make sure that you fill each column with the correct details; else, it will be liable to be rejected.
· The details filled in the form should be similar to those on your passport.
· Cooperation must be shown to the enquiry officer, and original documents must be provided during the enquiry.

No facts should be concealed in any form while filling the form. · No criminal case should be concealed.
· No money should be paid to the enquiry officer.
· Incorrect details like mobile number and email should not be filled in.

Yes, both an individual and an organisation could apply for more than one PCC. An individual could apply for another PCC once he receives the previous PCC, and an organisation can apply for another PCC once the dues of the prior PCC are cleared.