Renewal Passport

Renewal Passport

The two essential passport services after you have been issued a passport are passport renewal and passport re-issue. Passport renewal is the process in which the passport issued for a very short period like 1 to 5 year or the passport which is expired is renewed for ten years. Passport re-issuance is the service where a completely new passport is requested due to various reasons. A passport re-issuance is usually asked in cases like lost/damaged passport, stolen passport, or change or modification in the personal details you have filled on your Indian Passport. The fundamental difference between the passport renewal and re-issuance lies in the essence that merely the date of your passport is changed whereas, in the case of re-issuance, a completely new copy of a passport is provided to the person who requests for re-issuance.The application for renewal or re-issuance of a passport could either be applied online or at your nearest Passport SevaKendra.

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  • Old passport original
  • First two pages and last two pages copies of your passport (self-attested)
  • ECR/NON-ECR pages copy (self-attested)
  • Copies of the page of observation (self-attested)
  • Id Proofs


Yes, the passport service of re-issuance and passport renewal could be availed on the tatkal mode by paying an additional fee which is usually 2000 Rs.

Yes, it is mandatory to go to the nearest passport SevaKendra at least once to get your biometrics and photographs recorded under the new system. This system applies to all the applicants,which includes infants as well.

If your passport has expired for more than three years, you can fill the online application form for re-issuance of your passport. Since it has expired for more than three years, re-issuance is demanded, not renewal. Police verification is likely to take place to verify your credentials. After the verification process has been completed,your passport is re-issued.

SVP refers to Short Validity Passport. It is a type of passport issued to minors for a period of 1 to 5 years till the time they turn into adults. This passport is subjected to renewal once its validity is exhausted. A passport renewal application must be filled to extend the validity of an SVP.

If your passport booklet has exhausted an application, it could be filed for re-issuance of your passport. A new booklet is usually issued and that too with a validity of 10 years. However, additional pages are not added to the passport;a passport could only be re-issued in this case.