Tatkal Passport

Tatkal Passport

Passport services are also available to applicants who require an Indian passport urgently. This emergency passport is known as a tatkal passport. These passports come under ‘The tatkal scheme’, which the Ministry of external affairs introduced for faster dispensation of passports. These passports have enabled the travel of a person who did not have a passport but wanted to go somewhere urgently. It guarantees early appointment as well as quick processing. Generally, this period ranges from 3 to 7 days. However, an additional charge of usually around INR. 2000 is applied to the processing of these passports. However, there are some categories which aren’t covered under the tatkal scheme: Citizen who are born outside India to Indian parents, applicants deported to India, Major name change, Minor children who have single parent, Jammu and Kashmir, Nagaland residents, Reapplicants of stolen or lost passport, Re-issuance of damaged passport beyond recognition, Renewal of short validity applicants, personal credentials change etc.

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  • Ration card
  • Election card
  • PAN Card
  • Driving license
  • Birth certificate


Tatkal passport could be applied by anyone except a few of the debarred categories, which are not allowed to use under this scheme like lost passport, damaged beyond recognition. The passport office takes the last call on the issuance of a passport under the tatkal system. The list can be found easily on the passport Seva portal.

There are two categories of damage. The first one is if your passport is damaged but recognizable, and the other one being if your passport is damaged beyond recognition. In the initial case, your passport is recognizable; you are eligible to apply under the tatkal scheme. In the second case, where your passport is damaged beyond recognition, you cannot apply under the tatkal scheme. Thus, you have to wait for at least 30 days to get your passport.

Under the new tatkal scheme, a verification certificate which is a certificate granted by a gazetted officer, is not deemed as necessary to apply for a tatkal passport. However, you have to provide 3 out of a total of 13 identity proofs to verify yourself.

The processing time of the tatkal passport is speedy. In cases where police verification is not required, a passport is generally dispatched the following day after the date of submission. In cases where police verification is required, it is given on a Post-passport issuance basis. The passport is dispatched on the third working day without the wait for police verification.

No, the Nagaland residents are not eligible to apply for this scheme.